We are very excited to announce the arrival of the Whippersnapper Press YouTube channel.

Alan Ashton-Smith dresses like a Babel Fish to tell us about Transformers and naming children:

Poet and comedy writer Chris Kraken spills his guts about an ex at our Vogon Poetry Slam:

BBC’s New Talent Pick of the Fringe and Musical Comedy Awards best newcomer Jay Foreman does not sing for us. Instead, he reads hemorrhage-inducing Vogon poetry about Noel Edmonds, petitions against the BNP, and clouds:

Zombie expert and SF novelist Chris Farnell performs a homoerotic love poem to Star Trek’s Captain Kirk (we’re very, very sorry):

Storming performance of teenage wangst from first-time performer Cara Penny Church. Fourteen year old hyperbole and “smashing love on the head with a heavy rock”:

Winner of the Vogon Poetry Slam (and the coveted bowl of petunias) Cat Mariner reads some helpful poetry to express her displeasure to her colleagues. “I think of it as non-offensive, they say it’s passive-aggressive”:

Kicking off the first Vogon Poetry Slam our editor Hannah reads an mad-libs-type example of torturously bad poetry. (She’s green because she’s being a Vogon):

BBC Edinburgh Fringe Poetry Slam winner & all-round amazing activist Catherine Brogan – performs at the Whippersnapper Press launch:

Published poet and UK Poetry Slam Champion Niall Spooner-Harvey reads about dating ads, forgiveness and bacon not sex at the Whippersnapper Press launch:

Faye Roberts – of Poetry Kapow and Hammer and Tongue – performs at the Whippersnapper Press launch:

Hannah Eiseman-Renyard – founder of the Whippersnapper Press – holds forth with some poems:

Adam Blampied – a Beta Male and lovely gent – tells the tale of #19:

Chris Farnell – an expert in time-travel and zombies – performs an ode to pi and tries to provoke some Buddhists:

Anil Godigamuwe – the first author we ever had and one of our beloved editors – reads a fine selection of poetry:

Sir Horatio St John Jingo – the priapic gentleman explorer – very much brings the class as he reads from his memoirs:

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