If you would like to be published on the website then please read this disclaimer first:

The Whippersnapper Press cannot currently guarantee to get its authors rich, famous, or even laid – what it does do is provide a platform where their work can be easily searchable and available to read under their own name, and is part of an online community. All authors retain their own copyrights and no money changes hands. We reserve the right to turn your work down.

Got that? Good.

Our tagline is writing that’s biting. We accept just about any genre but we like it funny, or at least fresh and innovative. And short. No one wants to read the complete works of Dickens on a computer screen if they can help it. If you’ve got a whole novel then well done – that is seriously impressive – but this isn’t the place for it.

    Other things which are not appropriate for submissions:

  • Articles
  • Parts of a larger whole which don’t stand on their own
  • Things which would be better addressed to your therapist
  • Anything about a recent breakup (wait six months – you’ll be better and so will the writing)
  • Anything that’s your first attempt at poetry
  • Anything likely to make us follow the example of Exhibit A (below)
  • Chatterton's suicide

    All work appearing on the Whippersnapper Press will be workshopped (ie edited and given feedback on) by at least three other Whippersnappers. The editing process is anonymised – no editor will know the name of the writer whose stuff they’re working on.

    We know that the piece of writing that you give us is your baby, but at the same time: other people will find your blindspots for you and this will help you improve it further. Another pair of eyes (or, in this case, three pairs of eyes) can help you to smooth out that stanza which you weren’t quite sure about, or that accidental glitch in the space–time continuum you hadn’t realised you’d put in your short story. It can be nerve-wracking but you will see (and appreciate!) the difference afterwards.

    Writers don’t have to make every change that every editor suggests, but if all three editors have said that the same part isn’t quite working for them, then you’ll probably see that that’s the bit in need of a few tweaks. Now check your ego at the door and eat your greens, you’ll thank us someday.

    If, after reading this, you would still like to be published on the website then please feel free to submit some examples of your work. We don’t have a strict word limit as such yet, but 3,000 words is the upper limit of what we’d like to see.

    Email your submission/s to Whippersnapper.Press@gmail.com with ‘SUBMISSION‘ in the subject line.

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