SEX: A Choose-your-own-Adventure Game

February 17th, 2011 § 6

Welcome to the wonderful world of SEX, an interactive adventure where you get to decide the outcome of the story. In order to play, all you’ll need is a pencil, two six-sided dice and your own imagination.

Before we begin you’ll need to make a character. In the basic game, all characters are heterosexual males in the 18-25 age bracket, but further options are available in the GIRLS AND GAYS sourcebook of alternative genders and sexualities. A blank (basic) character sheet is attached to this game.

Roll one die and add 5 to the number. This is your skill score – write this down next to the word “SKILL.” Roll two dice and add 10 to the number. This is your stamina score – write this down next to the word “STAMINA.” Finally, roll one die and add 1 to the roll. This is your LUCK score – write this down next to the word “LUCK.”

Should your STAMINA reach 0 at any point during the game, you have become too weary to continue and it is GAME OVER. Be careful in your choices!

There are also sections for Equipment and Effects. If you lose or acquire any of the above during the game, make a note in the relevant box.

Your adventure begins as you get ready to leave the house. SEX is broken up into numbered sections, and at the end of each of these you will be given an option (or be forced) to choose which path you follow.


It is Friday night. You have just had a shower and stand staring into the bathroom mirror, your toothbrush hanging limply out of one side of your mouth. Work was especially hard today – especially when that bitch of a manager of yours guilted you into pulling an extra shift when all you wanted to do was come home – but it’s over, now, and the evening is yours. You finish brushing your teeth, spit into the sink and twist the hot tap on, watching the water spiral down the plughole taking the foam with it.

You are so fucking tired. Seriously. It’s not as though you’ll pull tonight, anyway. Look at you. Do you want to bother going out?

If No, turn to 20

If Yes, turn to 15

© Grant Howitt 2008

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