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The Whippersnapper Press is a web-publishing site dedicated to fresh new creative writing from bright young things (or ‘Whippersnappers’). The emphasis is on work that’s short, taught, snappy and bratty, or Writing that’s biting. It can be prose, poetry, flash fiction, scripts – or even ‘unidentifiable’ so long as it is still very, very good.

The Whippersnapper Press is an upstart company. It’s like a startup company, but its main goal in a meeting will be sticking kick-me notes on your back. We have no profit margins; we have no profit. We’re here to make some amusement and spread some good writing. “Here, this is cool, check this out.”

The Whippersnapper Press was the brainchild of Editor-in-Chief Hannah Eiseman-Renyard, who works as a writer and editor. While an intern working the slush piles as various publishing houses, she saw some very good writing falling though the cracks simply because it wasn’t easy to market. She decided that there had to be another way, and started daydreaming of a publishing website.

When she found the world of performance poetry she found even more writing that needed sharing, as well as the talented and enthusiastic people who helped make the website happen.

Anyone can submit work to the Whippersnapper Press. The original ‘core’ of people is a loose association of arty-types in the Greater London area, but we’re very friendly and you’re most welcome to come join our gang. If you can make it, come along to our next event and meet us. We won’t bite…

Why ‘Whippersnappers’?

The Oxford English Dictionary definition of ‘whippersnapper’ is ‘a young and inexperienced person considered to be presumptuous or overconfident.’ That’ll do us nicely.

Our attention spans have been ruined by video games, drugs, the internet and hippity-hop music. What’s the result? We like biting at heels and we haven’t got the patience for playing the traditional publishing game which – though lovely – can be very expensive and very slow-moving. If it’s something you like doing: do it now. Upload a link and show your friends.

Pointy teeth, sharp tongues, and writing that’s biting. We blame the parents.

I’ve got some writing for you
Excellent! If you would like to be published on the website then please go to submissions to find out what kinds of things we take, and how to submit.

What is a ‘Whippersnap’?

A Whippersnap is a new idea we’re playing with at the minute. The definition is a piece of writing that’s 150 characters long, or less, (so we’re 10 characters more generous than a tweet).

Whippersnaps are the ‘broken biscuits’ of creative writing, if you will. That amazing couplet you haven’t found the right stanza for; that slogan that would be excellent on a t-shirt, but you’ve run out of fabric paints; that one gem which doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, but you don’t want to abandon.

Arthur Quiller-Couch famously advised writers to “murder your darlings.” Though we advocate wedgies, deadlegs, and most forms of playground violence, we cannot condone murder. As such – don’t murder your darlings – let us adopt them! Click here to see some Whippersnaps.

Hey! You didn’t answer my question!
Oops. Sorry about that. Why not get in touch and we’ll see if we can answer your questions directly?

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    A web-publishing site dedicated to fresh new writing from bright young things (or 'Whippersnappers').

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